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Pranamas Eco - Single Axis Solar Tracker

  • The primary benefit of a tracking system is to collect solar energy for the longest period of the day with the most accurate alignment as the Sun’s Position shifts with the seasons.
  • Single Axis Tracker system increases annual output by as much as  25% compared to the fixed tilt setup.
  • Our Solar Positioning Algorithm enables Tracking and Harvesting solar energy efficiently.
  • GPS based Real time clock.
  • Self-Powered Tracker with built in AC/24VDC/200-800VDC Models are available.
  • Integrated Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery with Battery charger.
  • Up to 2 days battery backup is supported.
  • Programmable Tracker angle limit up to +/-60 degrees.
  • On board MEMS based high resolution tilt sensor.
  • Auto/ Manual / Maintenance / Stow modes enabled through Remote SCADA system.
  • Programmable back-tracking feature to avoid panel shadow during odd hours.
  • Various Output capacities from 24V/ 5A, 24V/ 10A, 24V/ 15A, 24V/ 20A to support more Solar Panels. 
  • Real time monitoring of the Tracker status with wireless connectivity Zigbee/LoRa/Sub1GHz or RS485.
  • High quality at affordable cost & Completely Made In India.
Actual Site installation at 10MW Solar Power Plant for LnT Solar, Dindigal.
  Single Axis Solar Tracker Controller for Bi-facial Solar Panels