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Lithium Hybrid (Solar & AC) UPS - For Home & Office

“Aviva Li-Fe Hybrid Solar & AC Inverters” are designed to provide Power back-up  during power cuts through Aviva proprietary design. The solar priority algorithm not only charges the Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery but also powers the load through Solar Energy. The high efficiency converter design ensures minimal losses not only to charge Battery but also during DC-AC conversion. The system comes with a very wide range of features & protections so as to last for a life time. 

Product Features :

Lithium Ferro Phosphate based Battery (Li-Fe Po4)

Built in MPCCU for optimum charging of battery

Solar priority algorithm

AC disconnect feature : disconnect Ac when solar energy is available

High frequency 16bit controller charges the battery from solar panels efficiently &

        at maximum power

Excellent load Regulation

Built in AVR (Automatic Voltage regulator) 

440VAC protection 

Surge protection as per IEC 61000-4-4(4KV)  & IEC 61000-5-(1KV)              

Fast changeover of <10ms

High efficiency of >88%

Operating temperature of -10° to 50°C

Storage temperature of -10°C to +70°C

Humidity : 95% R.H. Non Condensing

Forced air cooling

Trench-Fet Mosfet based design

DSP based 32bit controller based Inverter design

High frequency operation of 40KHz

Sinewave output

Greater than 2500 cycles of battery operation

Short circuit & over load protected output

Optional 2/16 or 4/16 LCD displays

Audio beep alarm for faults & change over

Built-in advanced BMS for battery for extending life & safety

Power factor correction during charging

Over temperature, Over charge protection for battery

LED & LCD status indications.