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Lithium UPS - For Home & Office

Lithium Ferro Phosphate based Battery (Li-Fe Po4)

Excellent load Regulation

Built in AVR (Automatic Voltage regulator)

440VAC protection 

Surge protection as per IEC 61000-4-4(4KV)  & IEC 61000-5-(1KV) 

Fast changeover of <10ms

High efficiency of >88%

Operating temperature of -10° to 50°C

Storage temperature of -10°C to +70°C

Humidity : 95% R.H. Non Condensing

Forced air cooling

Trench-Fet Mosfet based design

DSP based 32bit controller based Inverter design

High frequency operation of 40KHz

Sinewave output

Greater than 2500 cycles of battery operation

Short circuit & over load protected output

Optional 2/16 or 4/16 LCD displays

Audio beep alarm for faults & change over

Built-in advanced BMS for battery for extending life & safety

Power factor correction during charging

Over temperature, Over charge protection for battery

LED & LCD status indications


440Vac protection in UPS mode

Surge protection

Battery under voltage

Battery / system over temperature shutdown

Battery over charge

Battery open / fail protection

Battery short or over current protection


Battery failure notification.

Predictive failure notification.

Battery hot swappable.

User-replaceable batteries after end of Life.

Resettable circuit protectors.

Complete software based self - test & operation

User friendly field adjustable parameters.

Over 20service centers across each state for support.