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Solar Home Lighting System

Solar Home Lighting System

Aviva Solar Home Lighting System (ASHS), converts solar energy into electricity and provides a comfortable level of illumination in two rooms of a house. Aviva Solar Home Lighting System models featuring two Bulbs (3W Led Bulb) and 5V USB Port for mobile charging.

The ASHS consists of 10W Solar Panel, 2 numbers Led bulb of 3W rating and Controller. The system is designed to work for 5-7hours daily, with an autonomy of three days i.e. the system can function for three consecutive cloudy days.

Duty Cycle:

All the models of the Aviva Solar Home Lighting Systems should be designed to operate for 5-7 hours daily. The actual duration of lighting could vary depending on the location and season, etc.

  • 2 Led Bulb of 3W rating
  • Single 5V USB Mobile Charging Port
  • Red Led indication for Low Battery
  • Green Led Indication for Battery Charging Indication
  • 12W Solar Panel
  • 12V/7Ah Lead Acid Battery for Charge storing(not provided)
  • Compact and Small Size Controller Board
  • Input High Current and High Voltage Protection
  • Highly Reliable and High Efficiency
  • Rugged and Long Life Duration