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Aviva Smart Solutions Pvt ltd is one of leading design & manufacturer of power & embedded electronic products. our products are

1. switch mode power supply (SMPS) & Adaptors

2. DC-to-DC Converters

3. AC to DC LED Drivers & DC-to-DC LED Drivers

4. Smart LED Drivers with Alexa/Google/Mobile app based control for Indoor Lights.

4. LoRa/SigFox/865MHz/Zigbee enabled LED Drivers with Gateway & Cloud Application for Outdoor Lights especially LED Street Lights with built-in Metering for Energy Management

5. Self Powered Single Axis Solar Trackers for Utility Scale Solar Power Plants for both normal Solar Panels & Bi-Facial Solar Panels with SCADA Communication.

6. Solar Soiling Measurement Kit for Utility Scale Power Plants with SCADA Communication/GPRS

7. MPPT Charge Controllers & Hybrid Charge Controllers

8. 2G/4G GPRS Modems

9. AC LED Street Lights

Our Strength is complete end-to-end Product Support to Customers with in-house Design of complete system right from Schematic, PCB Design, Power Electronics design, Transformer Design, Embedded Design, C programming & Manufacturing. We comply with various IEC Standards right from Design Stage itself & support Certifications to the Customer. Aviva Smart Solutions Pvt Ltd is ISO9001:2015 & ISO140001 Certified Company. We have all the Legal registrations like GST, IEC, Factory Licence, Udyam, NSIC, ESI, PF etc.